Adam Timm



USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Level 2 Certified Trainer (CF-L2)

About Adam

Adam’s career is in law enforcement. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University and currently works at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy as the Physical Fitness Coordinator. He obtained certification as a Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX.

Adam began gymnastics at the age of 3 and then proceeded to coach gymnastics for several years throughout high school and college. He was first introduced to CrossFit by his brother and has been actively involved in it ever since. Adam started working at CFNS in early 2015. He considers the programming and the coaches at CFNS to be top-notch. He will continue to expand his knowledge in the area of overall health and fitness, including CrossFit, and how to best educate people to make good decisions regarding nutrition and exercise.

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