Cory Allen



CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer (CF-L1)

About Cory

Growing up I was always very active, playing football and baseball through high school, I never had a problem staying in shape. After graduating I found it very difficult to get into any type of fitness routine, from globo-gym weight programs to running, I couldn’t seem to stay on track. Before I knew it I was overweight and extremely out of shape.

My dad introduced me to CrossFit in 2011 with a 7 min workout in our garage. I thought I knew what conditioning was after years of football, but after laying on the ground in a pool of sweat after only 7 mins, I knew I had alot to learn. Crossfit has given me the competitive, team atmosphere that I had missed so much. I am in better shape now both physically and mentally than I have ever been and I have CrossFit to thank.

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