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CrossFit Level 2 Certified Trainer (CF-L2)

About Dan

I retired from law enforcement in 2008. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. One of my many assignments while working was as the Police Department’s Fitness Coordinator. So, a natural progression for me upon retiring was to become a personal trainer. What better way to remain active, stay healthy and help others achieve their fitness goals. I became certified as a fitness trainer in 2010 through National Personal Trainer Institute (NPTI) and started my own mobile fitness business.

My daughter was into Crossfit and talked my wife and I into trying it. I was apprehensive as I had heard all the common complaints (i.e. You will get hurt, it’s not safe, etc.). I promised my daughter I would sign up for a one month trial session then I’m out! Here I am 7 years later, as is my wife, still crazy about Crossfit and a Level 1 Cossfit Trainer.

As an older coach and athlete I can tell you I have never injured myself doing Crossfit. I did, however have major shoulder surgery from years of performing common lifts improperly at your standard globo gym. It was not until I became a trainer and exposed myself to the knowledgeable professionals at CFNS and other Crossfit affiliates that I learned how to perform olympic lifts and gymnastics movements properly and efficiently. It is important to surround yourself with coaches who understand these concepts and are able to apply that knowledge to every individual who walks into a gym.

I have been a coach at CFNS since 2016 and am having an amazing time coaching amazing people!

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