The core of CFNS’s fitness perspective is derived from the tenants of CrossFit. Regardless of age, level of ability or starting point, CrossFit allows anyone to excel safely. Mirroring the movements found within daily life enables members to see continuous improvement and benefit from their training, not only within their workouts themselves, but via tasks they face in life, each and every day. With members as wise as 72 and as young as 15, participants become well exposed to the fact that fitness and health are relative… that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses… but that everyone can tackle them together.


The CFNS yoga class is not intended to be like one you might find in a boutique yoga studio or even a big box gym. Our instructors understand that the needs of our members and athletes is around, specifically, increasing range of motion, joint stability and aiding in recovery. Taking the time, even once a week, to focus on these things, pays huge dividends in the long term.

Personal Training:

While classes provide anyone and everyone with the opportunity to excel, personal training is a valuable tool. Working on weaknesses, skill progressions, separate individualized training programs, etc under the direction of an experienced coach helps to increase the pace at which a member can improve. Our personal trainers offer many options including 1on1, small group and clinics.

CFNS Kids:

Kids today spend much of their time sitting in chairs and staring at screens. Much of it is unavoidable… This makes it extremely important that they be exposed to some opportunities where they are able to combat the ill effects of these environments. Our CFNS Kids program allows members to develop and maintain proper movement patterns, improve motor skills and kinesthetic awareness, build strength and also grow in confidence and social comfort.


While the methodology deployed in our Master’s classes is the same as our other training environments, these classes allow members an environment they may find more comfortable and appealing. Surrounded by others their own age and overseen by a consistent coach in a small class structure, participants work toward the same goals as their younger counterparts. Members of this class attend the same class days/times each week with the same coach in each class. The coach obtains a deep understanding as to the goals, strengths, limitations of each member. Modifications and scaling options are provided, as they are in general classes as well, but with even more focus on restrictions that tend to be a factor for the “wiser” individual.


Members receive nutritional guidance around strategies for general health and well-being, remediation of type 2 diabetes, fat loss, muscle gain and inflammation reduction. Guidance is provided in individual sessions, group lectures and/or nutritional challenges.

Massage Therapy:

Our onsite massage therapist allows members to have a convenient option for ongoing maintenance. Muscles get tight either from workouts or from daily life. In order to maintain great movement, which helps reduce the odds of tweaks, pulls, etc, having a professional to assist you makes a world of difference.

Physical Therapy:

Nothing impedes our ability to regain optimal health and fitness more-so than pain. No one should have to live with it.
Manual and Manipulative Therapy
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
Certified Functional Strength Coach
Certified Functional Movement Screen


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