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The pursuit of fitness or even general health and wellbeing is a consistent effort toward doing the little things right each and every day. Everyone needs help. Whether it be with moving correctly, eating better, pushing yourself at the right intensity, etc, CFNS coaches are there for you each step of the way.

OBVY Health

The long game

Play with the grandkids. Travel when you’re “old.” Avoid chronic disease. Live well.

Do you know your body composition numbers? When is the last time you had a blood draw… and do you know what it means? What is your nutritional focus and how does it impact not only your body composition goals but your long term health as well? OBVY Health, located within CFNS, is here to help.

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New to CFNS? Spend a couple weeks with us… We know you’ll never want to leave.


No matter who you are, our classes are designed to provide you with fun, fitness and friends.


Kids today spend much of their time sitting in chairs and staring at screens. Much of it is unavoidable… This makes it extremely important that they be exposed to some opportunities.


What we eat, when and how often is extremely important, not only for athletic performance but for general health as well. As simple as it may seem, it can be challenging to get on the right track. 


The core of CFNS’s fitness perspective is derived from the tenants of CrossFit. Regardless of age, level of ability or starting point, CrossFit allows anyone to excel safely.

Massage Therapy

Our onsite massage therapist allows members to have a convenient option for ongoing maintenance. Muscles get tight either from workouts or from daily life.

GROUP Classes

An hour long each, classes are designed to take members through everything necessary to achieve fitness and health. Warmup, skill work, strength training and conditioning… It will quickly become the best hour of your day. ANYONE is welcome… ANYONE can do it. Everything is scalable and modifiable based on the ability/condition of the individual.

open gym

Need flexibility? Have a challenging schedule? Members of CFNS are able to supplement their group classes with open gym access, even gaining access to the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Achieve your goals on your schedule…

Personal Training

Need a bit more in order to get comfortable with your training? Are you an athlete looking for more specific development? Maybe you are struggling with a skill or movement and could use more one on one attention. Personal training sessions at CFNS, led by our experienced and knowledgable coaches, provide anyone with the means to get to the next level… whatever that may be.

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Christie Payne

CFNS Changed My Life

In March of 2017 I walked into CrossFit North Scottsdale at almost 300 pounds, and slightly terrified by the thought of “CrossFit”. I played sports as a kid, but hadn’t been active for most of my adult life.

I met with Neil who gave me an overview of the program, and then said “I’ll see you tomorrow?” I said yes without even thinking… the first week was HARD. I was sore and full of self doubt, but my new friends kept encouraging me. They never made me feel like the fat girl that didn’t belong.

Its been a little over two years since I stepped foot into this gym, and to date I have lost 110 pounds and gained so much more; strength, confidence, and a community of great friends. It might sound dramatic, but CFNS has given me my life back.

Avid Member

Bill Counce

Each year, I assess the past year. Good things, bad things and changes that need to be made. I can honestly say that working with the coaches and members of CFNS is right at the top of my list of good things. The coaches are knowledgeable and willing to take time making sure you’re performing safely. The members are friendly and encouraging. The facility is kept clean and organized and classes are not over crowded. Return on investment is immeasurable. I could not be happier with my results.

Passionate About Fitness

Rafah Abuhayyeh

The most amazing and inspiring place I’ve ever come across. The trainers are so committed and full of knowledge, and the community is so motivating!!

Coaches that have your back. Every class.

Our coaches


CrossFit, PT, Nutrition, OBVY Health

CrossFit Certified Trainer (CF-L3)



CF Level 2


General Manager, CrossFit, PT

CF Level 2


AGATSU KB Certified 2

NETFIT Certified



CF Level 2


CrossFit, OBVY Health

CrossFit Certified Trainer (CF-L3)



CF Level 1



Yoga Alliance 500 Hour




Functional Gymnastics

Functional Adaptive

USAW Level 1


CrossFit, Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist

CF Level 1


9525 E Doubletree Ranch Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85258




Monday – Friday 05:30am – 7:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 10:30am

Sunday 10-11am

* Members have access to 24/7 Open Gym